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Mobile Fish Pond Tarpaulins - Reinforced Quality

Benuwatts Company Limited is Nigeria's best and largest manufacturer of reinforced tarpaulin for the construction of mobile fish ponds.

Benuwatts tarpaulin mobile fish pond

Mobile fish ponds, which are also known as tarpaulin fish ponds or collapsible fish ponds are the preferred type of fish ponds for modern fish farming.

Reinforced tarpaulin from Benuwatts is the best grade of tarpaulin material for the construction of mobile fish ponds.

These tarpaulins are engineered with higher tensile strength, adequate ultraviolet (UV) stabilization and other unique characteristics that make them suitable for a variety of fish farming operations in tropical climate.

Whether you are an existing fish farmer or an intending one, who wishes to venture into large scale fish farming, compound fish farming or backyard fish farming.

With our affordable Reinforced Tarpaulin products, we are revolutionizing fish farming in Nigeria, making it easier to get involved in the business.

We welcome both retailers and direct consumers of tarpaulin fish ponds to do business with us.

To get started, view our price list and select the size of tarpaulin that best suits your intended use.

Please note that the prices of fish pond tarpaulins (reinforced tarpaulins) quoted on our website are are not inclusive of framework materials (such as wood, galvanized pipes, etc. for setting up the tarpaulins).
Customers can easily get wood, galvanized pipes, or bamboo from local stores, which is a lot more economical.

Also, the fish carrying capacities stated for all dimensions of tarpaulin are an estimate aimed as serving as guide. In practice, some customers stock more while others stock less, depending on the breed and growth rate of a particular batch of fish.

Steps to Buying Mobile Fish Pond Tarpaulin.

Below is how you can place order for and buy your mobile fish pond tarpaulin.

Please don’t hesitate to call the customer care line on 07053450092 should you have any issue.

Browse through the list of standard dimensions of fish pond tarpaulins that we produce (see list in the next section below). 

Select the tarpaulin sizes that you want by clicking the “Add to basket” button. This quickly changes the button to “View basket”. You can add just one size of tarpaulin or as many sizes as you desire. 

Click on “View basket” so you can be taken to the basket/cart page where you can see all the tarpaulin sizes that you selected.

Here, you can adjust the quantity of each tarpaulin size that you have in the basket.
If you desire to add more sizes, you can simply use the back button to get back to the product list.

You should also input your shipping location, where you want the order to be sent. Inputting the location will enable you see the shipping cost for your order.

When you are okay with everything on the page, click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button. 

On the Checkout page, you should supply some information about yourself into the Billing Details section.

If you want the tarpaulin(s) to be delivered to another address different from yours, tick the “Deliver to a different address” checkbox and input the address where the tarpaulins should be sent to.

Remember to use the “Order notes” field to write any note you’d want us to take into consideration. 

When you are done, click on “Place Order” to finally place your order. 

When you place your order successfully, an automatically generated invoice will be sent to the email address that you have provided in the Billing Details section.

This invoice, which can be used as pro forma invoice, contains your Order summary and the our company’s bank account details. 

Make complete payment for your Order into the company account provided in the email sent to you. Please do not pay to any individual or third party. The company account name must be Benuwatts Company Limited.

After making payment, you should receive an email acknowledging receipt of the payment that you have made.

If you do not receive any such email within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays), please send us an email as a reply to the Order Invoice you have received. 

As soon your payment is confirmed, your fish pond tarpaulin(s) gets produced and shipped/way-billed to your location via suitable local transport companies (like Ifeshinachi, Agofure, Rivers Joy, GUO, Faith Motors, etc) or NIPOST for your onward collection at their offices.

Please be informed that we currently ship to most State Capitals in Nigeria and only few towns/cities that are not Capitals (see more information in product description).

An estimate of how many days it may take from the time of payment confirmation to reaching your location will be communicated to you in the message acknowledging your payment.

Once you receive your fish pond tarpaulins, you are required to test them out by installing them. You should do this within 3-5 days.

After you install them, take about three clear pictures of the installation and them to us (as reply to the any of the emails you have received from us).

Sending the pictures within the given time frame activates warranty offer on the tarpaulins.

Price List of Mobile Fish Pond Tarpaulin

Benuwatts Patners NIPOST for Products Delivery.

NIPOST partners Benuwatts on Mobile fish farming using reinforced tarpaulin ponds

Benuwatts has entered into partnership with the Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) to support delivery of products to customers.
Hence, in addition to using reliable local transport companies (like Ifesinachi Transport Company, ANIDS, Agofure, Faith Motors, GUO Motors, etc.) to speedily deliver products across Nigeria, customers who find the need may specifically request for NIPOST delivery.

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