Mobile Fish Pond Tarpaulins - Various Sizes and Prices

Below is a list of various sizes of mobile fish pond tarpaulins produced by Benuwatts Company Limited. The list shows the dimension of the fish pond tarpaulin, an estimate of the number of fishes it can take (based on mature catfish of about six months) and the price of one unit (excluding transportation or delivery costs).
The colours to the left side of each list does not represent the tarpaulin colour that will be sent to customer. If you are interested in buying specific colours, please use the Note section at the Checkout page to list up to three preferred colours. If none of your preferred colours is available, we’ll get in touch with you before taking any action.
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    3. Adjust Quantity
      On the Cart page, you can see all the tarpaulin sizes that you have added to Cart. Adjust the quantity for each of the tarpaulin sizes (as you desire) and click on Update Basket to have your options saved.

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