geepee biggest plastic tank for fish pond 1000 gallons geepee biggest plastic tank for fish pond 1000 gallons 2


In the Nigerian market, the biggest available size of plastic tank that can be used as fish pond is 1000 gallons, i.e. 4000 liters (see pictures above).
As at June 2016, this tank costs upwards of 75,000 NGN (Nigerian Naira) depending on location.

The Benuwatts product closest to this size of plastic tank is the 5x8x4 feet Reinforced Tarpaulin which volume is 1,196 gallons (slightly greater than the plastic tank).
The total cost to set up this product into usable fish pond is a maximum of 52,375 NGN no matter the location (see cost breakdown below).

Now, in addition to the other benefits of using Benuwatts Reinforced tarpaulin for your fish ponds,
that is a whooping 22,000 NGN savings there for you!

Below is the breakdown of the cost necessary set up the Reinforced Tarpaulin bought from Benuwatts.

Cost of Benuwatts 5x8x4 feet Reinforced Tarpaulin   =                    30, 875 (inclusive of VAT and Shipping Cost)

Cost of 3 lengths of galvanized pipe (18 feet each at maximum of N3, 500/length)    =        10,500

Cost of 4 pieces of used sprocket discs to serve as balance for the galvanized pipes     =    2,000

Cost of local transportation                                                                                                        =     2,000

Labor cost for welder                                                                                                                   =      3,000

Labor cost for installation/maintenance technician (if available)                                     =      4,000

Total                                                                                                                                        =     52,375

All costs are in Nigerian Naira (NGN).
Real retail cost of galvanized pipe (1.5 and 1.25 inches) is less than stated above (about 3,000 NGN/length).
Real cost of used sprocket could be less than stated above.