Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After purchase of the Reinforced Tarpaulin (RT) Suit, how can I fix it?
You will need to separately purchase wood, bamboo, galvanized pipe,or pressure pvc pipes from your local stores, with which to construct a simple framework that will hold the reinforced tarpaulin in position. read more

Then you can use the services of a local carpenter or welder (depending on the material with which you wish to set up your pond) to construct the framework.
You can always refer to our picture gallery to have an idea of what the construction should look like.
At Benuwatts, our engineers are always happy to provide online technical support to ensure that you succeed in setting up your pond.
So relax, you will always have our support all the way.

Should I use wood or galvanized iron to set up the RT?
Sometimes, people who wish to set up their fish pond on concrete floor prefer to use galvanized pipes, while those who wish to set up theirs on sand prefer wood. read more

Some others use bamboo or even pressure pvc pipes, it is all about choice and convenience.
You can see sample pictures of existing tarpaulin fish ponds at our picture gallery.

I am a starter, how many Reinforced Tarpaulins (RTs) do I need?
Every fish project requires a minimum of two ponds (2 RTs), or sometimes more

This is because, some fishes always grow faster than others, and will start eating up the smaller fishes if they are all left in the same pond, thereby leading to loses.
To avoid this situation, it is necessary to sort (separate) the fishes into two or three groups (based on their sizes), and then, you have a lot more chances of getting the best investment benefits.

My concrete pond is leaking; can I use your Reinforced Tarpaulin (RT) to overlay the walls?
Yes you can. In fact, this is one of the many advantages of RT over concrete ponds. read more

We can always negotiate customized RT sizes that will suite your concrete pond. Feel free to contact us.

What location in Nigeria do you ship to?
We serve and ship to all locations in Nigeria.

What is the delivery time?
It takes an average of  seven working days (after your payment) to have the products reach you. read more

Sometimes it takes less time and some other times it is a bit more, but we always keep you informed on the status of your purchase.

Cost of Shipping
Cost of shipping ranges from two thousand read more

Naira to five thousand Naira per product, depending on tarpaulin size, quantity and shipping location.

CAUTION; beware of fake products!read more

Getting the right quality of tarpaulin material remains the most important part of modern fish pond construction. Unfortunately, some overzealous marketers parade low quality tarpaulin (used for canopies) at the price of the reinforced material that is specifically suited for fish farming.
Non-reinforced tarpaulin breaks up within a few months when used for fish pond construction.
As much as possible, always insist on Benuwatts!